When is Waec-Ghana Nov/dec 2011/2012 Examination Registration Going to start?

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WAEC stands for West African Examinations Council and the WAECs are examinations in Ghana. For registration, you must apply two months in advance. This would make the registration opening September 2011.

The examinations are held twice a year and if you do not feel that you are ready to sit them, there will be another opportunity in May/June 2012.

These examinations are for further education and are optional. You must sign up to do these and you will not automatically be entered.

  • Applications
You can apply for these examinations either online or by requesting a form from the WAEC. The registration is not a lengthy process and will not be taxing to do.

  • Reasons for doing these examinations
You may wish to do these examinations if you would like to work or study outside of Ghana. They are internationally recognized qualifications and having them will translate into different countries education systems. If you plan to study in a different country you must take these exams.

  • Results
There are many ways that you can get your results. These are published three months after the exams are taken. This will therefore be February/March 2012. You can look at your results online, have them sent to you or go to the place that you took your exam and get them from there.

  • Online
There has been a push by the WAEC to do more things online. This includes registering and also obtaining your results. If you do get your results online these can be used when getting a place at an educational establishment elsewhere and then the certificates will be printed and sent to you as your evidence. These certificates are printed and will not change to an online alternative in the near future.
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Please how much does it cost to register six subject that  is English, CORE MATHS ,SCIENCE .SOCIAL STUDIES ,E-MATHS AND MANAGEMENT I LIVING.

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