What Is The Probability Of Getting Back Together With An Old Lover Who I Had Nice Time With?


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I was young and didnt have an idea he was the right one until now..We broke up due to  hin relocating . We lost contact for many years, and now  we have been talking on the phone every night 4 the last past 4week and for hours...I want 2 go see him I feel so close to him. Could I be falling back in love with him.?
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It is possible for you to get back to someone who you used to love. If something like happens then it seriously means that person is the true love of your life. It is said that if you love someone then let go of them, if they get back to you then they are yours and if they don't come back to you then they were never yours. They were just illusions. But in your case, you are lucky enough that you got the love of your life back to you. At times love is like a mystery, you never know what happens next.

The main and the major probability of getting him back in your life is that he's your real soul mate. It is an experience fact, that you do meet a number of people in your day to day life but do you fall in love with everybody. No! You don't, similarly when your relation with someone doesn't work out and then after some time they realize their mistake, what more can one ask for. So you see the possibility of falling in love again is very magical with the same old person.
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It's not a big deal to get back together with your old lover. But the probability of getting back is totally base on the reasons of your separation. If you people were separated just because of general reasons, means just left the communication because of time shortage then, you can easily get back together.

But if the reasons of your separation were very critical and at high level then, the probably is very less. Moreover if the problem was created from your side then, it is almost 10% probability to get back together.

As you said you have spent good time together then, it can be the plus point for you. First of all you have to clear the misunderstandings between you people. And if there was not any misunderstanding and it was your entire fault then, you have to struggle a lot to get her back. Realize your all mistakes in front of her and say sorry for each of your fault and misbehave.

And ensure her that this mistake will not happen again and give some solid proofs, then she would be relax and happy to be with you again.But if the mistake was from other side then, the chances to get her back are very high.

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