What Is The Background Of Afro Asian Literature?


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The literal start of Afro-Asian literature is hard to depict considering literature and writings have been around for millennia, even prior to the "modern" world; however, the term Afro-Asian literature is newer to the scene.

The concept of Afro-Asian literature is any written text such as poems, short stories, or novels that are based on African Asian ethnicity or African Arab ethnicity. Afro-Asian literature has become a separate segment in English in which stories are based on experiences in Africa, Asia or other cultures in the same area that help one understand the differences in culture. Many of the texts discuss world peace that the writers would like to see in order to find improved lives.

Afro-Asian literature is a subset of world literature studies. In general, most courses in a university spend a few weeks on one or two texts discussing world literature in Afro-Asian cultures. A few universities have begun to add this subset of literature as a full course in order to give due time to the topic.

African and Asian cultures are some of the oldest in the world. It is thought that man started in Africa migrating to populate the rest of the world. As genetic changes occurred there were also newer ethnicities spreading around the world. Combinations of these ethnicities occurred giving rise to mixed races. All of this culture and thought of what happened in the past has been revealed through written and anthropological studies.

In a literal sense, the background of Afro-Asian literature dates to the very beginnings of when the first mixed race individual began writing. An exact date is harder to come by given the wide topic this question asks to be answered. Like most literature you can be assured that earlier written documents were based on stories passed by word of mouth.

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