When Did The First Ever People Came To America?


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According to archaeological findings and evidences, the period in which the first ever people settled in the continent of North America was about 20000 to 50000 years ago. They were believed to have come across a bridge that led from Asia to North America. The location of this bridge is concluded to be at the exact same place where the Bering Sea is present today. For about thousands of years, various groups of Asians used this bridge as a means of travel and with the gradual passage of time, the climate of the Earth turned warmer in nature specially with the end of the Ice Age.

During the Ice Age, North America was covered with sheets and sheets of ice, which melted with its eventual end, causing the sea level to rise as a direct consequence. This caused the land bridge to go under the surface of the Bering Sea. The people who first settled in America did not seem to have a writing system so with no texts of their heritage it becomes hard for the archaeologists and historians to clearly determine their lifestyle or gain an insight about their workaday routine.

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