Define The Scientific Method And The Stages Involved In It?


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Well for example a science project for school the scientific method would be the processes like the question the hypothesis materials(if any) the research you obtained on the project like what you studied or what you learned on the way, the results for your project and then your conclusion witch tells about what happen and if your hypothisis was right or wrong.  
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The scientific method is a process for experimentation that is used to answer questions and explore observation.
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Scientific principles are defined as a set of principles and procedures laid down for the systematic pursuit of a body of knowledge. They include steps such as identifying or recognizing a problem, formulating a problem, collecting data through the methods of observation and experimentation and the formulation and testing of hypothesis.

Scientific principles are also defined as a set of tools used by scientists to find the answers to questions which they come across during the course of their study or research. Scientific methods give a more clear and concise solution to each problems and take fewer steps to arrive at each answer. A scientist finds make a hypothesis or a set of hypothetical statements or predictions about the possible outcome of an experiment. Once he has made his hypothesis, he goes about taking the requisite steps to solve the problem and prove or disprove the hypothesis (depending on how he has stated) on the basis of scientific and logical principles.
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A step by step approach to solve a problem in a systematic way is known as the Scientific Method. For in manufacturing of car first the model is created in Computer, than develop the frame, color, install the engine, accessories and at last finish. This is a systematic way, it can never happen that you do finishing right after developing the frame.
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The scientific method consists of:  1. Proposing a question  2. Proposing an answer (this is your hypothesis, or best guess)  3. Doing research to determine the relative strength of your hypothesis - there are no definite answers in science.  We have to go on statistics.  There are always exceptions to the rules.
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The scientific method is a process used to systematically
investigate observations, solve problems, and test hypotheses.
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The scientific method is a way of using science to find an answer to a problem.
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The scientific method is a process used to systematically investigate observations, solve problems, and test hypotheses.
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That consists of:
The purpose,hypothesis,materials,procedure,results,conclusion,and data. Basically its how you follow elements of science to answer a question through experiments.
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A scientist is always interested in finding out about the nature of things events in his or her surroundings. For example, he or she asks such questions as how do plants grow? How does a vaccine work to prevent diseases? Why is oxygen necessary for life? The scientist, in an attempt to find the most accurate answers to such questions, adopts a systematic method of enquiry known as the scientific method.

The scientific method involves the following stages:
Collection of data (information) from various sources
A) From journals and other relevant scientific literature in which other scientists have recorded the results of their discoveries.
B) From the results of experiments involving very careful observations and measurements.
Drawing of conclusions (or rules) based on the data obtained.
Construction of a hypothesis (or intelligent guess) to explain the observations made during the experiments.

Formulation of theory:
The hypothesis is tested by further experiments, from the results the hypothesis is accepted, rejected or modified. It is then probably accepted as a scientific theory. This theory may be again modified on the basis of further experimental results.
Formulation of a law:
A theory becomes a scientific law only if it is universally accepted.
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The scientific of method is originated of technology of science,process,solve,and test hypotheses of systematically of use the effect of society

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