What Are The Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses And Functions And Pictures?


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There are many forms of laboratory apparatus and here is a list of the most common and useful ones:

• Bunsen burner

This is used as a source of heat and is attached to gas taps that are usually found on the desks in classrooms and laboratories. The Bunsen burner has a vertical flame, a bit like a cigarette lighter. Goggles and protective clothing should always be worn when using a Bunsen burner. You can view a photographer of a Bunsen burner at
• Beaker

The beakers used in science experiments are normally made of glass and can look a lot like something you would find in your kitchen. They are used to hold and pour liquids and many reactions are administered in a beaker. They can withstand great heat and are very strong. Beakers should always be handled with goggles and protective gloves and appropriate clothing in case of spillage. A picture of a beaker can be found at
• Tongs

Tongs are used to grip certain materials and transfer hot items safely. They look similar to scissors and are griped in the same way. The tongs can withstand a lot of heat and so are very useful to use in most experiments. A picture of a set of tongs can be found at
• Test tubes

Test tubes are used for mixing liquids and administering reactions between certain chemicals. They are usually made of glass and are tall and thin. They usually sit in a test tube rack so they do not fall over and smash or spill. A picture of a test tube can be found at
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Wire gauze
test tube
test tube rack
graduated cylinder
magnifying glass
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Function of wire gauze

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