How Can We Arrange A Beautiful Basket Of Flowers For A Graduate Student?


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Basket of flowers is also a very beautiful gift for a graduate student. A basket of flowers show your love and feelings to the receiver. Flowers of different colors give a very beautiful effect .We can arrange a beautiful basket of flowers in no time.
The things required for the flower basket are.

Cane basket (normal size)
Fresh flowers of different colors
Fresh sparrowgrass or china grass
Dried and colored bushes (large size)
Sand Polythene bag.

Pour some quantity of sand about 500 grams into polythene bag and close it tightly .Now fit it into the basket. Make some holes on the surface of bag by a knife and pour some water. In this way, the flowers will remain fresh for long time. Now arrange the dried and colored bushes at the end of the basket. The bushes must be stiff and large in size. Then arrange fresh flowers in the middle of the basket. Arrange the china grass or sparrowgrass around the basket, where the place has left. For making it more beautiful pour some glitter on the fresh flowers.

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