What Is Interval Scale And What Are The Characteristics Of This Scale?


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By using the interval scale we can perform different functions on data such as arithmetical operation to make analysis of the data collected from survey. The nominal scale is used for only qualitative differences between groups by making their categories into different sets and the ordinal scale is used to rank order preferences. The interval scale lets us measure the distance between any two points on the scale.This helps us to compute the means and the standard deviations of the responses on the variables.

The interval scale is works in a different way by making groups of the individuals to some categories and makes the reorder of different groups and helps in measurement of the magnitude of difference of different groups or individuals. If for instance employees thing that it is more important for them to have a variety of skills in their jobs than to complete a task from beginning to end and it is more important for them to serve people than to work independently on the job then the interval scale would indicate whether the first preference is to the same extent a lesser extent or a greater extent than the second. This can be done by now changing the scale from the ranking. Such a scale could indicate for the job design.

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