Why Is It So Difficult To Learn To Drive?


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Driving is one thing, which is very difficult to learn but once you learn it and master it, you will always wonder why it seemed to be so difficult in the beginning. Well to be honest not every person can master driving or learn it quickly.

There is an art to learn how to drive and the most important thing required in a person is patience. If a person does not have much patience then learning to drive can be really difficult. The instructor, a professional or a relative, can not tolerate it, if the student does not concentrate properly on his instructions.

A person who wants to drive, should have excellent road sense and be alert at all times. Not many people can have these qualities and can panic very quickly and give up learning driving. Difficulties will always come on the way while learning how to drive, but once the phase is passed it all seems so easy.

Along with these things, if a person has seen too many accidents in front of his eyes, then he some how loses confidence. Many people become really nervous, once they start driving practically on the local roads, while learning and some how this can lead to losing confidence in one self.
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It sounds like you're making a very common new timer error. Are you looking right in front of the car? I bet you are! DON"T look way down the road. You will still see anything going on in the middle, but your reactions to the steering wheel well be a lot smother!

And relax!

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