If I Were The Principal Of My College? What Should I Do To Improve My College?


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A principal is responsible for all administrative and academic matters of a college. He makes sure that the whole process of education is completed within given time and is in line with official instructions. Admissions and examinations are to be conducted in time and strictly according in the rules, he is supposed to provide a quiet and congenial atmosphere for learning students should be satisfied and quality of education must be improved.

Personally, I had many complaints against my principal when I was a college student. I had never seen the principal taking a round of the college. Students faced many problems concerning their class rooms, payment of dues; change of subjects and re admissions etc. Once students called on the principal in his office with their complaints but instead of helping them, he rebuked them. I brought that as principal I would bring many changes and improvements in the college.

Here I reveal some details of my boyish team. If I were the principal of my college, the first thing I would do is to arrange a formal meeting between the college staff and students. It may be surprising for many but it is a painful fact that students often do not know most of the college teachers except their subject teachers. Next thing I would do is to introduce discipline among students and teachers. Wearing of college uniform is another thing I would give utmost importance. In order to help the students in choice or change of subjects, migrations, readmissions etc, I will appoint a senior and kindly professor as student counsellor. He will have an office where students can go and consult him.

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