Can You Describes The Metaphor Of Wind?


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Here the description of wind is in the form of metaphor simile and comparison. We may not only enjoy the queer sense of the writhe but also feel the cultural contest in between the lines.

"As the heat became intense and a hot wind began to blow, the voices die down one by one. And the pigeons were not seen in such great numbers. The sky became bronzed and grey, dirty with the dust sand and, which floated in the air…"

Even when the sun stood lower down in the sky, the heat remained intense, and the glare hurt the eyes. The wind moaned through the housed sand the by-lanes and rustled heavily through the desolate tress…"

The hot wind blow in the day time raising dust, hissing through the trees and howled in the empty rooms. T night the owls cried, the dogs wept, and the donkeys brayed, and we were so frightened…

In the day time, how ever, Mir Nihal felt so bored. During long and unending summer noon's he lay moping on the bed, with nothing to do, cursing life and wishing for death. The wind blew and dust got into his eyes. And the bed sheet became dirty with the sand, he felt like tearing his clothes and going mad, and tears of helplessness very often screamed down his face..."

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