My Eight-year-old Has Poor Handwriting, What Can I Do To Help Him Improve?


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Julii Brainard answered
It helps if he has a good reason to write something. Would he like to write a letter to someone, his grandmother, a famous footballer, the Prime Minister? Is there an issue that bothers him (the environment, traffic danger) that he would like to write to the local paper about?

Does he like stories? Would he like to write his autobiography or a story make-believe about one of his favourite TV characters? What about an imaginary adventure (in space, or in a war zone) where he is the hero?

Competitions are sometimes an in. Children love the idea of winning something just for having to answer (and write down the answer to) a simple question.

Does he like intrigue? Show him how to make invisible ink using lemon juice and get him to write down secret messages for his mates.

Puzzles (like crosswords), party invites (he can make himself if he's crafty) and scrap-books also afford opportunities to practice writing handwriting.
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Practice with him everyday after school and whenever you have the chance and don't make it seem like work try and make it fun and when he gets it right, praise him and tell him your proud
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Awwwh...don't despair. I have three babies and I always bought them handwriting books from Kmart and I would buy different crayons, markers, pens, even paint. They loved them.

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