What Job Should I Go To School For With A Felony On My Record?


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Probation officers don't help you out as much as you think they would...I am in the same boat...I feel like it does not matter how much schooling I get or how good I get at something...I will still be un-hireable because the felony...
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SOmetimes Probation officers will help if they wont help ask to speak to there manager and they will help. A probation officer is suppose to help you become a better person no matter what you have done to get a felony. So go above the probation officer to get your help. I'm still searching for help but am never going to give up. I want to go back to school but no one will let me know what I can go back to school to be successful in with a felony. If anyone knows anything please help. I'm not on probation or parole free and clear of all that..
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Talk to your parole officer about this

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