How Do We Prepare For An Aptitude Test For A University (MBA Program) In Pakistan?


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Top Business Universities of Pakistan are looking for English proficient, knowledgeable, intelligent, and a hardworking student. For this purpose they design their test which can cover all these aspects. Business Institute such as IBA (Institute of Business Administration) and LUMS (Lahore University of Management Science) prefer students with top quality English with an extensive English vocabulary.

For this purpose they design their first part of the test with Vocabulary section. To be able to answer these questions, one must have a good vocabulary or one can develop by learning vocabulary with the help of word list provided by GRE, GMAT books. Students who have been reading fiction books won't find it difficult, but for those who don't, they would need to remember the word list, which is the fastest way to increase your word power.

Second in line is mathematics, mathematics requires practice, therefore the more practice the better the marks. Mathematics questions constitute of general mathematics level and can be answered if one has practiced them thoroughly before the exam.

Third comes the IQ part, intelligence is some thing that you can't really increase and you will need to depend on your brain power to solve problems in this part. However research has shown there is a slight improvement in IQ results if one practices variety of IQ question patterns. Therefore it is advisable to buy books such as "Know your Own IQ" to help your self with this section.

The last part is the General Knowledge section; this section requires you to tune to CNN, BBC more often than before. It can also be noted, that General Knowledge can increased in a very short amount of time. Therefore one must search for the resources and memorize them up. However General knowledge section is most narrowed down to current affairs. This therefore can be answered if one reads Newspaper daily.

In the end, hard work makes the difference, the more you do, the more you get is the policy. Therefore try as hard as possible because your future depends on the amount of hard work you put in.

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