How Many Cups Are In 240 Grams Of Flour?


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Of course this really depends on the size of the cup; but in general you will find that 240 grams of flour will be the equivalent of two cup fulls.

It can be quite tricky to work out how many cups it will be for something that is measured by its weight and this is down to the fact that cups are measured by the volume.

You should normally find that most recipe books will give you the measurements that are appropriate for the instrument you are using. Therefore if they were to give you the measurement of flour in its weight such as 100g then they would expect you to then weigh it out on the weighing scales rather than try and work out what that may be in cups.

However you may find a few of these rough conversions of use:

· White rice - One cup = 180g
· Butter - One cup = 227g
· Milk - One cup = 240g
· Water - Once cup = 236g
· Cooking oil - One cup = 224g

Cooking is about trial and error and so do not worry too much about exact measurements as you will soon learn if it needs more or less of something. Cooking should be enjoyable and so experimenting is all part of the fun.
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natalie johnson answered
Sifted white flour: 1 cup = 125 grams

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