How To Change The Dissimilar Fraction To Similar?


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Similar fractions are ones that have the same denominator. To change dissimilar fractions to similar ones, you express them as equivalents with a common denominator.

Often, the easiest common denominator to find is the product of the dissimilar denominators. Usually, you will be interested in reducing the result, so the least common denominator may be the one of interest.

Examples 1/2 = 3/6
1/3 = 2/6
The dissimilar fractions 1/2 and 1/3 can be made to have the denominator 6 = 2*3 as shown.

1/6 = 2/12
1/4 = 3/12
Here, the least common denominator (12) is chosen. It is smaller than 24 = 6*4.
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Find a common multiple of each denominator. Once this is done, times each numerator by the whatever you multiplied the denominator by. You can then times the fractions numerators whilst remembering to keep the same denominator.
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Divide the top number by the bottom number for example if it was 10/3 divide 10 by three. 3 times 3 is nine. Thats 3 as a whole number. So then because you didn't divide it perfectly into ten you have to use the remainder which in this instance is 1. This then becomes 1/3 making the answer 3 1/3
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5/10 and 8/12
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To change fractions with dissimilar fractions to similar fraction first find the LCD

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