Can Anyone Tell About Feather Work That Is Part Of Aztec Art?


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There are major selection arts and crafts that Aztec people did. However, the feather work done by Aztec artists is the least known art. They were great feather crafters and had produced wonderful ways of collecting feathers across their whole estate and integrated them into objects. These objects have great visual force and they are durable. The artists who are famous for feather work belong to an area of Tenochitlan. They are also called as amanteca i.e. Feather workers. They used to tight their valued feathered on a framework and tie feathers with cotton on back.    Also they fixed firmly the feathers on a cloth or a sheet of paper so that feather's natural color will make it a wonderful piece of work. One of the finest pieces of feather work is Headdress of Motecuhzoma II that was created using five hundred feathers of two fifty birds. It is uncertain that headdress belongs to emperor Motecuhzoma or not. Feather fan is also well known when feather work is discussed. Fans were considered as sign of dignity. It was said that feather fans gave marvelous touch to wardrobes of Tlatoani (Emperor) and the royal family. The fans were made of wood and garlanded with beautiful and colorful feathers of birds.

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