How John Steinbeck Does Presents Simple And Contented Life Of Poor Village People In The Essay "Breakfast"?


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In this essay the writer tells us about a small family living in a tent. It consists of two men, a young woman and a baby. It was very early in the morning and the woman was cooking the breakfast near the tent. She was carrying in her arms a baby who was sucking milk. She was working by the stove in a quick but graceful manner. The writer was feeling very cold when he passed by the family.

He stopped there to get warmth from the fire burning in the stove. The two men came out of the tent and greeted the writer. Soon the hot, tasty breakfast was laid on a packing box. They invited him to take the breakfast with them. They all sat down and ate to their heart's content. It was hot and delicious and every body enjoyed it. They told the writer that they had been picking cotton for twelve days and they were very happy. The young woman told him that they had bought new clothes. The younger man said that they had been eating good meals since they started this work. They also offered the writer to work with them, in the cotton fields. The writer thanked them and went away.

The writer was very much impressed by the simple, frank and generous behaviour of the family. There was a clear happiness and satisfaction on their faces. The young woman also added charm, sweetness and warmth to the whole scene. This incident has become a permanent source of joy for the writer. He enjoys its sweet memory again and again.

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