How Can I Become A Member Of Mensa?


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Mensa is for those who rejoice in the exercise of the mind.   If you enjoy mental challenges and revel in the interplay of ideas, Mensa is an organisation that will stretch your mind and expand your horizons. Mensa is an international society that has one - and only one ~ unique qualification for membership:  You must score in the top 2% of the population on a standardized IQ test.

First you need to take a supervised test. Mensa offers supervised IQ testing throughout the British Isles. These tests are administered under strictly controlled conditions and take place at selected test session venues such as universities and hotels in towns and cities near you. Testing is done confidentially and only you will be informed of your results. Tests are designed for prospects age 14 and over and are administered by appointment only.  For those for whom English is not the primary language, a Culture Free Test may be available.  Testing takes usually about 2 hours. For practicing purpose you can find free tests at

To request further details of your nearest Supervised Mensa IQ Test venue, you can contact Helen Oliver on 01902 772771 or e-mail [email protected]

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