What Was The Role Of The African Americans In The Reconstruction Era In The South Of The United States?


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The African Americans were one of three major players who controlled the South in the era of Reconstruction that followed the American Civil War. Although their role was not that enormous as compared to the Scalawags and the Carpetbaggers, who were the other two main players in the Reconstruction era in the South, their presence was verily meaningful specifically in the legislative arena.

The Reconstruction period was marked by some major changes in the lives and the legacy of African Americans – some of these changes were inclusive of the election of 22 African Americans to the United States Congress as well as the appointment of various African Americans to public office. Two of the African American even got elected to the position of Senators and one of them was Blanche Bruce who belonged to the state of Mississippi and played a great role in helping minorities such as African Americans, Chinese and Native Americans to help gain equality in rights.

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