How Many MPH Is 280 KM H?


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280 kilometers per hour is equivalent to 173.98 miles per hour. Converting 280 km/h into mph is achieved by using a converter on the Internet. One kilometer is equivalent to 0.62 miles. This speed is the speed that the German ICE 1 high-speed train can reach.

• ICE 1

These trains are part of the Inter City Express family of German trains and were the first high-speed trains to be introduced to Germany. They were introduced in 1991 and the speed that could be reached was 250 km/h. This speed limit was increased to 280 km/h in 1995, and continued to be the limit until 2005 when it was reduced to 250 km/h again.

• BMW M3

This is a high performance version of the BMW 3 series, and can reach the top speed of 280 km/h in 6 seconds. The cars are used in racing and there are sports versions and compact executive versions of the vehicle. There is even a racing simulation game that is based on the BMW M3, called BMW M3 Challenge. The game features an exact replica of the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany.

• Formula 1

Speeds of 280 km/h are regularly reached in the sport, and this was the speed that Robert Kubica was traveling when he crashed at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in 2007. Unbelievably the crash left Kubica with no lasting or internal injuries and he was able to return to racing shortly afterwards. He was driving for the racing team BMW-Sauber at the time.

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