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Language is the means through which we communicate with each other. It is the expression of thoughts by means of speech sounds. Language has certain characteristics: It is symbolic ; it is arbitrary ; it is system of systems; it is a social phenomenon.

Communications is not the only function performed by language .Linguists have identified situations where communication is irrelevant or of marginal significance e.g. greeting each other or when we are using language as an instrument of though .Speech and written ,both forms of language are equally important. Some languages are considered superior to the others because of the economic and political development of its speakers, Some languages are considered as divine and therefore superior to other languages.

All these assumptions are misconceptions for a student of language. An other widely held misconception about language is the concept of "primitive language". It is believed that in the past , the language was simple ,comprising of a limited vocabulary. If it were true how would the speakers of such language would express their abstract beliefs? Fact of the matter is that there were no " stone age" or "bronze age of languages". Human civilization has developed from "stone age" to today's so called modern form ,but this is not true of language, The complexity of primitive languages can be compared with the complexity of today's languages.
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Language is a source of conversation. there are many language spoken in the world.
A language is a system of conventional signals used for communication by a whole community.this pattern of convention covers a system of significant sound units (the phonemes), the inflexion and arrangement of word and association of meaning with word it covers phonology, syntax, semantics, conventional signals.language involves the use of vocal organs of the speaker and the hearing mechanism of the listener language is semantic, language were verbal symbols.the symbols we use for the transmission of the language arbitrary means not chosen for any special reason.

Language is culturally transmitted.language is spontaneous.language usually involve taking.language can be used to talk about things and people which are far away or which happened language.language is structure dependent.language is open language consists of sounds specific phonemes sounds,patterned sounds (phonetics and phonology),words morphology,grammar (deals with sentence),function meanings(system of meaning in a language is called semantics.language is different from linguistics,linguistics is scientific study of language and language is a medium to conversate .
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Language literally means spoken language and reflection culture one races..
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Language is like action, but for communication.

Only language can convey your all feelings, situations, and thoughts.

It has developed naturally over the millennia, and is one of the things that makes humans  capable of ruling the Earth despite not being the quickest, strongest or most physically adapt creature on the planet.

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Language is the type of words you use to talk to people,  France speak french,  Spain, Portugal, Cuba, speak spanish, but different dialects, which means their words will vary.  Mexico also speaks spanish .  Main languange  for different countries
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Language is a message conveying medium or tool. It is mostly used as communication tool which builds understanding between animals, human beings and computer.

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