Upholding Academic Honesty?


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When writing an assignment, it is essential that the correct rewards are given for good completion of work. To gain a good grade for something which has been lifted wholesale from another publication without credit is like not saying thank you to someone who has saved your life or offered you a bed for the night (an apt simile if you’re up all night copying out of a textbook or pilfering someone’s else opinion and passing it off as your own to secure a good mark). To stay honest when it comes to coursework and tests, ask the course instructor whenever you are unsure of what may constitute plagiarism or cheating, or if you are uncertain of what resources or tools may be used in completing an assignment or exam. Find out the specific policy and procedures on Academic Integrity, and ensure careful study of the course handbook, which always alerts students to the dangers of plagiarism, and identify resources such as web sites, librarians and specially-designed guide books that may be consulted when faced with questions about when and how to cite works which have been consulted. While completing an assignment, carefully document all research and work done in the completion for which other resources are consulted, making sure all page numbers are referred to correctly. It is also a responsibility of a student to alert course faculty or School administrators upon learning that another student may have cheated or plagiarized. All staff and students must work together, fully outlining what it is to have academic honesty and constructing a well-footnoted essay with summations and paraphrasing from books and use of quotation marks. If possible, allow a student to sign a form that states that (s)he has written the essay by his- or herself to give evidence for the veracity of their assignment.
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It is making sure that people don't plagiarize. Cheating off another's test or talking during test time. Cheaters will eventually need the information later and it will catch up with them. Many students are reluctant to turn in another student for cheating. I was not one of those students. I turned in someone. Would I do it again? Yes! We all study hard and for others to cheat is unfair to the whole system.
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Upholding Academic Honesty means to support the academic honesty. Academic honesty means the students should remain honest with the studies and do not cheat in exam and other fair tasks.
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To me, upholding academic honesty is to be honest with yourself. A student must check for plagiarism.
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Altering or misusing documents; impersonating, misrepresenting, or knowingly providing false information as to one's identity; providing false information regarding completion of course sections or quizzes.

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