What Is 30% Of 5000 Dollars?


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Thirty per cent of $5,000 dollars is $1,500 dollars; it's easy to calculate percentages online to confirm this answer - simply look for online calculators designed specifically to calculate percentages. You can also calculate percentages by using a handheld calculator, or a piece of paper and a pencil. Once you get the hang of figuring out percentages, you can use them to glean lots of interesting facts, such as how much sales tax you will pay if you decide to buy a certain item.

Uses for percentages include:

• Sale pricing - If you see a sign that says, 20 per cent off, and you understand how to calculate percentages, you can determine your potential savings, in terms of actual dollars and cents. By figuring out the exact amount you'll save, it will be easier to decide if buying an item or service is actually a good deal. Always remember that taxes are calculated separately from prices - if you only have a certain amount to spend, make sure you money will cover the cost of the sale price, plus applicable taxes.
• Taxes - The government uses percentages, as well as other variables, to figure out exactly how much income tax a person will owe. Taxes on commercial goods and services are also mandatory, and they are set according to percentages decided by federal governments. If you want to know how much you'll pay in taxes on certain items, such as cars, housing (property taxes) and goods and services, understanding percentages will help immeasurably.
• School marks - If a student has achieved a certain grade point average, or a certain letter grade on a test, he or she may want to know what their percentage is.

Knowing a percentage is a good way to analyze school mark results; it can also be a powerful motivator. Using percentages to budget and save money can also be very practical.

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