What Are The Fashion Designer Virtual World Games That Are Appropriate For Teens?


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Try Girlsense ITS FUN go on you tube for more info about girl sense SINE UP FOR IT TOOO!!!!!!you can Add haileyoddson thats my user you can add meganoddson and abbioddson those my sissys users :) haileyoddson is mine! :D
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Hey, I am wanting to be a fashion designer and I have came across this game that I enjoy very much. It is called Stardoll ( there is a option to pay for extra features, but it is great entertainment and you can design clothes and buy others designs with stardollars (the games currency) or from the starplaza. Hope this helped :-D

much love

mia xx

P.S If you do join add me! My user is miamarra :-D
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Anonymous answered You don't fashion design, but you can find trendy exclusive items and make your avatar the way you want by dressing her up with clothes, shoes, jewellery and more and you can pick her facial features. (girls only game, really) You can earn trophies which will award you with money, which you use to buy new clothes for your avatar and new furniture or pets for your house. You have a character who you can buy clothing and make up for. You can decorate your house the way you want, and if you are a SuperStar, you can buy exclusive items in all the shops. There are games, but the main aim of the website is to dress up a variety of lifelike dolls of celebrities or other people. You can play as a fashion designer or a shop owner. Shop owners browse designers' designs and buy those that they like, which they can then put in their store. Once in the store anyone can buy the products, including designers and other shop owners, so that it can be worn by their avatar. Fashion designers design cool, original clothing which they then produce for shop owners to buy.

Other fashion games can be found on assorted websites including,,, and many others. Have fun, hope my contribution helped!

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