What Is The IELTS Passing Score In Australia?


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I'm from the United States and moving to Yeppoon Australia
what do I need to get my cna license
I am already Certified in the states but leaving for yeppoon in june to get married

I have over 20 years hospital experience in trauma and acute critical care as well
as phlebotomy

any help would be appreciated ;)

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Are you planning to study in an English-speaking country, work for an international company, or emigrate for a better life? Or maybe you want to prove your knowledge of English at the world level? For all these purposes, one of the main international English exams, IELTS, is perfect.

Of course, it is best to prepare for the test with professional specialists who know all the intricacies of the IELTS exam and will help you pass it with the highest score. For example, certified IELTS online classes. Hope this helps you.

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Hi guys ..without giving test your asking about passing score..be positive that you will do well...
Thank you

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