How To Word A Graduation Invitation?


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Graduating from school is a huge part of your life, and the beginning of the your new career! Inviting your family and friends to your graduation is something you’ll only do once, so you need to get it right!

The most basic kind of graduation invitation will look like ‘The Senior Class of  X High, 2011 announces the commencement exercises’.  However, you may want to make it sound more elegant, with some more inviting words. These words might be personal to you, or might add a little bit of humour to your invitation. You may want to add your name, and more information about the educational institution that you have been studying at.

Most people want to change the wording to include the name of the graduate, as mentioned, but to also include the name of the parents. For instance, it may say that ‘The parents of the student, Jack and Olivia, are proud to announce that their child, Boris, is graduating from school’.

You may want to personalise the design of the graduation invitation, too, either through a professional printing company or through your own hand-made touch! If you want everything to be perfect, then you just need to spend a little time on the invitation with the important people in your life.

You may even want to add a motivational quote to your invitation, with anecdotes and serious quotations relating to graduation! Finally, remember that you need to provide the full address of the place of the ceremony on the graduation invitation so that everybody can find the venue, and to provide ability for people to RSVP.

Congratulations on graduating school!
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Well you can write it like this:

Who's having a graduation maybe you or you well if its not you or you its me. I am having a graduation get together and your invited. So stop being so lazy and get up off the couch and come join a day full of fun.

You can add your own things too like what your going to be eating and what to bring if you want and also what you don't want them to bring or something just add some stuff and if you want say there's going to be booze or something like that have fun and congratulations
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The wording of a graduation invitation should reflect the specific circumstances of the particular graduation in question. Generally speaking, it should include the name of the graduate, the institution involved, the degree being awarded (if applicable), and the day/date, time, and location of the graduation ceremony itself. The format depends to a certain extent on the formality of the event, and what specifically the guests are being invited to (the graduation itself, a party afterwards, etc.).

As an example, for a somewhat formal high school graduation, a very basic invitation might read:

Mary Jane Smith
requests the pleasure of your company
at her Graduation
on Saturday, the eleventh of August
Two thousand and seven
at eight o'clock in the evening
Riverview High School
5555 South 55th Street
Cleveland, Ohio

To see 45 different graduation invitation/announcement wording examples, visit this URL: and click on the 'Graduation Announcements' link under 'Graduation Products', then select 'Verses' from the list of links at the top of the page, choosing the 'Miscellaneous' category and 'Graduation' occasion. There is no charge to use this service.
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There can be several ways. Here I would like to give 2 of them.
1-I feel immense pleasure to invite you on the graduation day.
2- I feel really glad to invite all my beloved on the graduation day.

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