What Is The Difference Between Descriptive And Analytical Type Of Question?


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The word descriptive means 'to describe', so example for descriptive questions would include:
  • What color is it?
  • How much did it weigh?
  • How Old?
So basically a question that a description is required in the answer. These answers can quite often one word answers.
Analytical means 'to analyze', so an example of an analytical question would be:
  • What best describes global warming?
So this means to answer this you would need to analyze the subject before you can answer it.

You will find often find both descriptive and analytical questions in exam papers; you may need to read a passage and then answer a question on the piece of writing.
There are a lot of examples of descriptive and analytic questions online, you could also visit a library and get some text books that will help you too.
If you have an exam or a test coming up there is even some dummy tests online to get some practice.
In tests or exams, you may also come across comprehension questions, these are questions that require you to recall information, either on a passage you have just read or a lecture you may have been listening too. Again, there are plenty of examples on the Internet for you to make use of these for practice.
Another type of question is a factual question, these questions have definitive answers, while some other forms of question can be subjective, i.e. You may get an answer correct in one person's opinion and wrong in another's, a factual question will always have a definitive answer.

An example of this type of question would be:
  • What is the capital of the US?
There are many different types of questions, some you will know the answers to and some you won't. We learn by asking lots of questions to problems you do not the answers for, being an inquisitive person will gain lots of knowledge.

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