Can You Help Me Make A Scenery Out Of All Geometrical Shapes?


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Before you begin your scenery, you should think about what a geometrical shape is. There are a multitude of geometrical shapes that could be used such as all the different types of polygons, triangles, quadrilateral, kites, parallelograms, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons or curved shapes such as circles, ovals, lunes, crescents, spheres and many many more. According to the dictionary, a geometric figure is characterized by points, lines, curves or surfaces so almost any shape can be used.

If you have been asked to use any geometrical shapes then you are fairly free to make any type of scene you like but you should check with your teacher as it may just be simple geometric forms such as circles, rectangles and triangles.

A relatively simple scene you could make would be a scene with a house surrounded by countryside. It may be a good idea to cut shapes out of different colored paper and then glue them onto a piece of cardboard to clearly define the different shapes. This will also prove to be an attractive piece of art work and can help you place shapes in new and interesting places that you may not have thought of it you were drawing them.

Use one large square of brown paper for the main body of the house and then place smaller squares where you would like the windows to go. A rectangle could be used for the door and a triangle for the roof. Use semi-circles in the background with green paper to symbolize the rolling hills and a big yellow circle in the sky for the sun. A tree could be created with a rectangular trunk in brown paper and a green circle on top for the leaves. Place small red circles in the tree to make it into an apple tree.

If you would like to make a 3D scene, collect boxes and old toilet roll cores for the scene.

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