Are Left Handed People More Artistic Than Right Handed People?


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About ten percent of people are left handed. Some studies find no link to creativity and others demonstrate a small positive correlation. Left handers seem to be disproportionately represented amongst high achievers, but also amongst those with a wide range of learning disabilities and other disorders. It is argued that the right hemisphere of the brain is more creative and intuitive whereas the left side is more rational and mathematical. And as motor control crossed to the opposite side left handed people may be 'right brained'. However, not only is handedness not directly related to hemisphere dominance, but it has since been shown that mental abilities are distributed more evenly across hemispheres than originally thought.

Other suggestions that the left hand is odd or quirky seems to relate to left-handers being in the minority and so historically treated as disordered or even evil. Therefore any difference that exist, on average, between left and right handed people are probably not large enough to be informative about any particular person.
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Left handed  people use their right side of the brain, which is in charge of creativity & artistic abilities. Right handed people, on the other hand, use the left side of the brain that is in charge of reasoning.
This "rule" certainly doesn't apply to ALL left or right handed people, but YES it does apply to the majority of them. It is just the way our bodies are, different from each other and completely unique.
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It doesn't matter what hand you use its your genes that make you good at something or if you really work hard cause I'm right handed and really smart plus I'm really creative I write short stories and I'm a pretty good sketch artist so are some of my family members who are also right handed.
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I'm right handed and I've been a great artist ever since I could hold a pencil... And I'm so imaginative and creative and people always say I'm very great at art, designs and creative writing... And I took the brain dominance test and it said that I use the right side of my brain more since I got 15 out of 19 Right brained Q's right.
And I tried that spinning woman thing... And I saw her going clockwise which means I use the right side of my brain.
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I am left handed and I am artistic, but in sports such as tennis I use my right hand, because my coaches did not know so they taught me the right handed way of doing things, when I was younger
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Depends on their personalities! I for one is right handed and I'm pretty artistic.. So I think that some people are bad at art and some people are good at it.
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I honestly think left handed people are smarter than right handed people because they use there other side of their brain.

I am left handed and chinese. Yes.

Left-handed people ARE smarter than right-handed people because they use both sides of their brain than right-handed.

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