3/8 Inch Equals How Many Cm?


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When you convert 3/8 of an inch, which is 0.375 of an inch into cm, you get 1cm. If you wish to convert a type of measurement into another type of measurement without having to do all the sums and work it out yourself, there is a quick and easy method to do so:

• Go online on your computer and open up a search engine. Any search engine will do, but the best search engine for all round use is Google, so consider that.
• Find out the name of the measurement that you already have and then the one that you wish to convert it to and then enter the first measurement name "to" the second measurement name followed by "converter".
• The search engine will direct you to a number of links, choose one of the top ones and follow the instructions offered on the website. You usually have to just enter the figure you wish to convert into the box and then choose the measurement type you want to convert to and press "convert".

However, with this example, you would need to firstly convert 3/8 into a decimal as it isn't a figure and can't be converted in such a way on most converter tool websites. To do this, you can follow the above steps but search instead for a fraction to decimal converter, or even look for instructions on how to convert fractions into decimals by yourself. This way you can learn a new skill whilst solving your question.

It is incredibly easy to find information on converting measurements online or pretty much anywhere. Once you have learned the skill and know the differences, you will find it easy to convert using mental arithmetic, meaning you don't need to rely on any sort of online converters or trying to work it out yourself and getting the wrong answer.
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