So I've Been Doing Some Reading... Did Muhammad Write The Quran While An Angel Told Him A Story....? It Was Unclear In My Research.


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No the angel Gabriel asked Prophet Muhammad to repeat everything he said then after that when he went to his sahaba his friend abu bakr wrote down what he said angel Gabriel said
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I have recently read it in my books that Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) did not wrote the Quran.
      When Holy Prophet ( died in the battle against unbelievers and more people who had listened the Quran from Holy Prophet ( and had learnt it by heart also died. Then Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Abu Bakr who was the Khalifa at that time ,decided to compile the Quran because they were scared that if all the people who had learnt the Quran by heart after listening directly from the Holy Prophet ( died in another battle then what would happen?Zaid Bin Sabit was appointed to compile the Quran,as he was also chosen by the Holy Prophet ( to compile the Quran and submit a copy of it to the khalifa.
      It is true that an Angel Hazrat Jibrael (A.S) told him the Quran but it was not a story .
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No the prophet was medatating in the cave because in thos dayz they worshiped idols but muhammed (pbuh) didnt lyk the idea and just medatating about the real creator who created him the earth etc when durin 1 day a angel came before and said "read" da prophet replied I can't the angel replied 2 more times whilst sqeezing him each time the angel  said (this may be abit wrong please reaseach on this vers) "read in the name of the lord who he created man out of a clot of blood and and taught him what he knew not"
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May Allah forgive me if my answer is wrong which is based on my readings.

By the way Qur'an is not story. Its way of life. It is the truth.

The Holy Qur'an was already put in Prophet's (PBUH) mind at the time he received the Prophethood. But Muhammed (PBUH) does not remember them. Wherever appropriate Allah revealed the Quran through Jibreel, the Wholy Spirit, to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). While Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) receiving Vahi (Vahi means the process of Holy Spirit Jibireel revealing the Qur'an to the Prophet (PBUH)) his body would shiver heavily and people use to cover him with blankets. Once the vahi was over, that is Holy Spirit Jibreel revealed the verses of Qur'an, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) use to write down the verses revealed to him by his own hand (contrary to what people say Prophet Muhammed is illiterate) in the order Allah said through Jibreel.

This is the short answer for your question.

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Allah has written down the quran...Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to go to a cave called the cave of hira....and then angel Gibrael...used to come down to Prophet Muhammad and reveal the Ayahs that Allah wrote...and angel Gabriel used to tell Prophet Muhammed to repeat after him....
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To me Qur'an whether written before or after Mohammad death is not important. To me it is important that it is from G-D of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses & Jesus or not. The famous satanic verses uttered by Mohammad himself put every thing in dout. Mohammad did not recognise who is delivering Satanic verses to him. It means he never saw or met supposidly Angel Gabriel. And no body knows if he even met any angel afterwards. The analysis further prove that there are many many mistakes, contradictions, misquotations and justifications to the sins prohibited by G-D Almighty in Torah and Injil. It doesn't give much hope that qur'an is true or Islam is a true religion. Obviously Mohammad is not a true prophet. It is very much evident now. Feel sorry for Muslims who are victims of such strong deceptions.

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