What's A Sentence Used For The Word Imprudent?


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Moe Pence answered
Good examples of this would be: 
 "Sally imprudently invested all her money in worthless stocks."
"The man imprudently asked his overweight, non-pregnant co-worker when her baby was due."
"Before he could think it over, Leo was imprudent in his hasty decision to marry an arrogant lady."
Hope that helped!
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Mainul Hussain answered
She swallowed all the chilly fries, it's imprudent !
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Will Martin answered
You could say "I think it would be imprudent to withdraw any more money at this stage - you may need your savings later."

Or "Although brave, his action was also imprudent and put several lives at risk."
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Hello Boss answered
It seems to me that you already used the word in your question.
Your question was a sentence was it not ?
It would not be imprudent to use the word imprudent in a sentence. Maybe I'm being imprudent. 
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Imprudent is an adjective its contrary is prudent. I'm imprudent when I'm in a hurry, so everything isn't done properly.
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It was your decision to say you loved her, now we fight because that was imprudent.

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