Where Does The Phrase " Talk The Hind Legs Off A Donkey " Come From?


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Hi it took me a while to search for this and when I was googling this is what I found I don't no if it will be much use to you
When I was growing up in Ireland, my granny used to say, "talk the hind legs off an ass!"
:There is an old story of Pat and Mike who bought a beast of burden to help out on the farm. Mike insisted it was a mule, while Pat insisted it was a donkey. To settle the argument, they asked the local parish priest to settle the dispute. Not wanting to alienate either one, he said that in Biblical terms, it was known as an ass.

A little while later, the animal died, and while digging its grave, Pat and Mike were approached by the parish priest who inquired if it was a post hole they were digging. "Not according to the Bible, Father!" they replied.

There you go I think that is the origin story of the saying xxchelsxx

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