My Disk Drive Is Not Reading The Disk, How To Fix?


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As I do not know what your disk drive is connected to I shall list the solutions for several devices which may be applicable.

First off, I’m assuming that this refers to CD/DVD drive rather than say a hard drive or a floppy disk drive. In this instance before we start getting technical it is wise to do a few low-tech checks. Is the disk scratched? If so clean in with a soft and dry cloth. You can sometimes buy solutions that say then can repair scratches but these can be unreliable most of the time.

Next, clean the lens of the drive, you can usually buy simple lens cleansers for a few dollars. I’d advise doing this rather than grabbing a toothbrush and attempting this yourself as they are delicate little things. Try a couple of different disks to see if you can isolate the problem.

OK these are generally applicable solutions as I do not know if you are referring to a computer that runs Windows, an Apple computer, an Xbox, a Playstation 3, a Wii or another electrical device such as a DVD player.

If you are having issue with a PC or laptop that uses a Microsoft Windows operating system, click here ( and run one of their "fix it” procedures and follow the on the screen prompts and this should automatically diagnose and repair problems with your CD or DVD drive.

Alternatively, if your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs, then click here (

If you are operating an Apple computer, click here ( to see solutions to problems with what they refer to as their slot load optical disc drive.

If it’s an Xbox 360, click here for solutions ( I can’t find any official documentation for Sony Playstation 3s or Nintendo Wiis.

If it’s a DVD player, then you may need to buy a new one.
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There are several reason why a CD won't read CDs. One issue is software, the driver is missing, corrupt or conflicting with another operation. To find out, open the Device Manager by going to the Control Panel, opening SYSTEM, and choose Device Manager. Scroll down to DVD/CD ROM Drives. If there is a yellow question mark next to it then the driver is missing or corrupt. If there is a red exclamation, then the CD is conflicting with another driver. At this stage you can try and repair the faulty driver by double clicking on the CD and choose Troubleshoot. Follow the prompts to the end. If the driver comes up good, if not then you will have to find the CD driver disk and re-install it from the Device Manager.
    The second problem is that you may have a hardware issue. The CD unit could be broken or not plugged into the computer. Open the computer an check the cables going to the CD. The fat 4 pin plug on the outside is the power supply cable. Check to see if it is plugged in all the way. Check the fat cable next to it. The red line on the cable should be nearest the power supply plug. Push the cable at the middle and 2 ends to be sure it is plugged all the way in .
     If neither solutions work, then you may need a new CD unit.     GOOD LUCK
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There is nothing wrong witht the perpherial device the DVDROM or CDrom drive needs to be removed windows started and then shut down and device reinstalled. Once this is done you need to select start and run then type in REGEDIT theres a sections in the registry for Cd/DVDroms the value needs to be set to zero allowing dos to control the device. The DVDrom will now work!

If it is a hardrive problem you need to format your hardrive in dos to allow connection. Generally this problem occurs as you ahave picked quick format or NTFS format select FAT32 and convert to NTFS after the FAT32 Format!! Happy formatting..

P.S I am selling dozens of these units on ebay I picked them up for £19.99 each and selling at £65 nits a 20 min fix.
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This problem indicates some major fault in your CD-Rom drive. This problem occurs when the lens of the CD-ROM drive is not functioning properly. If you have some expertise in hardware then you can check the following things.

1. Remove CD-ROM drive from the CPU and open its main cover.
2. Take a piece of clean and soft cotton and try clean the lens. (Lens cleaning CDs can do this but by opening is cleaning is better than using the lens cleaning CDs).
3. If it works then ok otherwise take you CD-ROM drive to a hardware expert.

The expert can increase the strength of the lens or may repair or replace the lens of the CD-ROM drive. But keep in mind that these days the CD-ROM drives are not expensive but repairing or replacing any part can be expensive. A repaired CD-ROM drive can give problem any time in the future. If you have to repair or replace any part then try to have new CD-ROM drive. Any new CD-ROM drive will come with some warranty but repaired CD-ROM drive will have no warranty. It is good for the health of CD-ROM drive that you run Lens cleaning CDs on regular bases.
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Does it read other disks ? If not It could be the lens, the laser or drive mechanism.   I have a Panasonic SA-HT70 dvd player just suddenly stopping read disks, I put in down to age as the unit is 7 years old.
I know people that have had limited success getting these repaired.   The best bet is to replace the unit as this are so cheap.
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Well this might be a problem with the lens or shutter door of your disk drive. You need to fix it by opening it from base through two screws and check the shutter door if it is working properly.

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