How Much Is An Euro Dollar In American Dollars ?


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A Eurodollar is, in its most basic definition, a deposit of U.S. Dollars in a bank outside of the United States. This means that the deposits aren't under the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve and are subject to less regulation than those found within the United States.

The term Eurodollar relates to all American dollar deposits in any other country other than the United States, not just Europe. Neither should they be confused with the European currency Euro. This means that the euro prefix is only there in order to specify that the deposits are not in their official country of origin, not to suggest that the currency is different from the United States dollar. This means that a Euro dollar is equal to an American dollar.

As a result of the Marshall plan and imports of goods into the United States, the amount of American currency outside of the country of origin dramatically increased after World War 2. Meaning deposits of United States dollars were apparent in many foreign banks.

During the period of the cold war, the Soviet Union was worried that their deposits of American dollars in North American banks would be frozen. In order to ensure this didn't happen, $800,000 was transferred to the Moscow Narodny bank, which was a soviet-owned bank with a British charter. The British banks then deposited the money in the United States banks. This meant that the money could not be frozen, as it didn't belong directly to the soviet-union. These deposits became the first Eurodollars, originally named euro bank dollars.
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I'm buying thimbles @ euro 3.50 C what is that in American dollars
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35% of 7,467,000 becomes 2,613,450 in Euro dollars
So it becomes $18,80,179.856
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I was looking at some apartments in amsterdam online and cost was 1375 euros. What is that in us dollars?
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I came up with a different answer:

According to Yahoo finance the current exchange rate is 1.4077 making 7,467,000 euros = $10,511,290 US dollars approx.

And since you are inheriting 35% of that it should be around $3,678,953 US Dollars.
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I found this amazing goth clothing shop online and I'm dying to buy some stuff but I can't figure out the shipping much is 3.50 euros in american dollars?
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200 euro dollars in american dollars

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