How Many Beats Does A Half Note Play?


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2 beats are in a half note
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A half note has 2 beats.      a doted half note is worth 3 beats. Its exactly like a half note it just has a dot. Hope I helped :-)
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The half note is two beats long.
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If the bottom note of on the time signature (those 2 numbers stacked on each other at the beginning of the piece) is a 4, which it often is, then a half note has 2 beats. The number at the bottom represents which note makes up a beat (4 for quarter, 2 for half, etc.). The top notes represents how many notes per measure (the space between the vertical lines). A 4 over a 4 means that each beat represents a quarter note and there are 4 beats per measure. A 2 over a 2 means that a half note is worth 1 beat and that there are 2 beats (half notes) per measure.
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2 beats

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