Why Did People Join The Roman Army?


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The Roman army was a professional army that men joined for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons for joining was conscription.
Men were drafted into the army between the ages of 18-46. Men between these ages were offered a secure job where they were fed and sheltered but had little say if they joined or not, especially in the early days of Rome. Times of crisis saw all men conscripted to fight and to protect Rome from attack.
The army specifically focused on 'landless city dwellers' to try and swell its ranks. These would be conscripted for between 20-25 years. People that wanted a certain position in government would have to spend time in the army.
Auxiliary volunteer usually came from the territories that Rome was looking to capture. These men were usually part time soldiers who were skilled in different forms of fighting such as archery and joined the army for safety and payment before the Romans entered an area.
Members of the army were paid usually on an annual basis and they would have received a pension after they retired from the army. This would have ensured they and their family were well kept. They would have also been given extras from time to time but these would have been expected to be shared with other soldiers in the army. Sometimes men who supervised the army would be ordered to be given land as payment. This was especially the case in new conquered areas that they could look after.
Legionnaires would be given citizenship during some periods of Rome's history which was a motivating factor for many to join.
There were many reasons to join the Roman army and in many cases the reasons changed over time as the army expanded and contracted.

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For the pride of their country. For the opportunity to be a part of your country.
They were payed a good amount of money too.
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Benifits are

After 25 years of service you get some land

:] well thats one :D
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The Roman army offered a lot of prospects, especially to poorer men or those who were not Roman citizens. The  pay was regular and you were fed and basically taken care of, although discipline was extremely strict. A big motivation for soldiers outside the Empire was that you could eventually become a citizen. There  was also provision for soldiers in their old age. You can get a good overview of the Roman army at
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If you join the Roman Army you would receive payment for your service, you would also get a pension upon retirement, and also could be awarded land as payment.  Another benefit of military service is the awarding of citizenship to all legionnaires.
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Benifits are

After 25 years of service you became a real Roman civilian.
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The benifits for being in the roman army are... YOU GET THE LADIES (LOL)
  YOU GET PAID a lot


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