How Can I Give My Self Introduction In First Day In My College?


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On your first day of college, when making your self introduction speech in front of your new class, you want to convey a positive and confident personality. Making a good self introduction speech can be the key to making a group of new friends, as it is when your classmates will get their first impression of you. First impressions often stick, which is why it's important to appear friendly and approachable. Avoid being too shy, too pompous or sarcastic. In addition, try not to be over confident, as you want to display an edge of vulnerability to encourage people to talk to you on your first day.
  • What to include in your speech
First off, you want to start by telling everyone your name - or nickname - and if you have moved from a new area, explain where you come from. You could talk about where you live in relation to the school, as this will encourage those who live nearby to introduce themselves - you will have presented a potential discussion point. If you don't know anybody in school and feel nervous, tell your new classmates this. Some are sure to befriend you if they know you're on your own. Talk about what school subjects you enjoy the most, and if you play any sports or are into the performing arts say so. Providing some basic information about yourself and your interests is the best way in which to show what kind of person you are.
  • What not to include
Avoid telling rehearsed jokes, are they can sound corny - and if you don't get a laugh, you'll be embarrassed. In fact, don't make your speech rehearsed at all; it should have a natural flow. Avoid saying anything negative, as this can subconsciously portray you in a negative light. Don't use overenthusiastic adjectives such as 'fantastic' or 'delightful', as your classmates will probably think you are putting on an act.

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