List Of Things Made Of Metal?


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The list of objects that are made of metal is endless and different metals are used to make different objects. Large objects and small objects are made of metal and some metals are stronger than others and therefore used for sturdier objects. Some examples of metals that make certain objects are:

• Steel

Steel is one of the most utilized metals in the world and a large number of things are made with the metal. Many kitchen utensils are made from steel, including cutlery, microwaves, sinks, pans, and oven hoods. Steel is also used to manufacture bicycles and other vehicles, as well as reinforcing buildings and bridges. Steel can be found in an endless list of household items and most rooms in all houses will have something that is manufactured using steel.

• Aluminum

Aluminum is used in a large number of manufactured items and these include foil and drink cans. The metal is recyclable like most metals, and is also used in sturdier objects such as boats, houses, and vehicle engines.

• Tin

Tin is used in the manufacture of metal pipes, and is mixed with lead to create an alloy that is ideal for piping. Tin is also used in the manufacture of some cans for various foodstuffs.

• Copper

Copper is also used in the manufacture of pipes, as it is a good conductor of heat. Copper has many other uses and is used in the manufacture of many electrical items, again because of its ability to conduct heat.

• Other metals

Other metals that are used in making everyday items include gold, silver and iron.
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• Tools
• Wires
• Rails for trains
• Girders for making buildings
• Hulls of ships
• Body of cars and trains
• Major appliances
• Cutlery and knives
• Rulers
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