What Is A Equivalent Fraction To 6/8


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The fraction equivalent to 6/8 is 3/4. You can get the answer by simply dividing the numerator and denominator by a common number. You can check the answer through a calculator, as answer of both should be the same.
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If you are wanting to find an equivalent fraction to 6/8 that is 6/8 in it's simplest form, then that would be 3/4. You get this when you divide both the top and bottom by 2, which is it's greatest common factor.
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Multiply BOTH the numerator and denominator (top and bottom) of said fraction by the same number.

Therefore you COULD multiply both parts with any number, like 2, 3, 50, or even half.

Then you would get (6/8)(2/2)= 12/16, (6/8)(3/3)= 18/24,  (6/8)(50/50)= 300/400, (6/8)((1/2)/(1/2))= 3/4.
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A simple way to find the anser for 6/8 is divide2 from the dinominator and the numarator.

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