How To Write Objective Of Case Study?


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The objective of your case study really depends on what you are hoping to achieve. For instance, if you are planning on writing a case study that highlights the main strengths of your business, one objective you may achieve is trying to market your services to customers and potential clients.

The objective of a case study should therefore not be to simply ‘tell a story’. A successful case study will have an underlying message or ulterior motive behind it. For example this could be to help your company make more money by attracting new business clients. It could also be about what your business is hoping to achieve in terms of managing recycling or environmental strategies.

The best way to achieve this is to follow a few rules. First of all make sure you include the actual words ‘case study’ in the title as this will suggest to the readers that what they are about to read is based on facts. It will also draw more attention to the article.
Make sure the article is set out neatly and with interesting subtitles that will draw the reader on. Include proven facts and figures throughout the case study but make sure these relate to your actual objective. So, including specific and quantifiable results is also very beneficial.

If you want to attract new business, a clever idea might be to feature a success story of a new product you have developed. Or if you want to show clients how environmentally friendly your company is, write a case study about the new recycling bins that have been installed.

Make sure the study has a clear beginning, middle and end. Also, the language used and way in which it is written should be compelling and motivate the reader to read on until the end. Complement it with pictures and tables containing various pieces of relevant data.
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“Case Study” contains two words: “Case” and “Study”.What is the “Case” and what is “Study” and what is the case to be studied.


For students, the purpose or objective of doing Case Study is to allow students with real expertise and understanding, as well as judgement to excel.

Case Study (or sometimes called “Case Analysis”) requires the students to take risks, make judgements in uncertain situations, and to propose and select from multiple possible options, none of which may be “right” or “wrong”.

Case Study also a case as is true in real-world, on-the-job settings.3For example, in strategic management in business, cases are typically records of actual business stuations, rather than problems that are preformulated for students to solve.The organisations, its history, and current situation are typically described, and it is left to the student to analyse what course of action the organisation should pursue.The students are put in the position of managers who must develop alternatives and propose specific actions for the firm.

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