How Many Ways Are There To Spell The Name Isabel?


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Isabel is usually considered the Spanish version of the Hebrew "Elizabeth", the mother of John the Baptist in the Bible.

So any variations on how to spell Elizabeth could also be considered varieties of Isabel. Arguably this also extends to nicknames, such as Lisa, Betty, Liz, Beth, etc.

As for common spellings of Isabel, you have Isobel (Scottish), Izabela (Chzech), and Isabella (France, Italy). Queen Isabella of Spain has inspired many, she was one of the Christian monarchs who united Spain and drove out the Moors, and who also who funded the explorations of Christopher Columbus in the late 1490s.

Isabella of France was a French princess who married King Edward II of England in 1308.

Other spellings that have appeared on birth certificates include Isobelle, Izabell, Isabell, Ysabel, Isbel, Isabela, Ysabeau, Isoboll, Ishbel, Isabeau.

Isabel and variations on it remain among the most popular of girl's names in the UK. Combined with all the variations on spelling, it probably belongs within the top ten, although entries for individual spellings of this name are rarely above 30th in the frequency charts.

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