Explain Meaning And Importance Of Retailing? What Are The Functions Of Retailers


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  • What is retail?

Retail is the business of selling goods. The goods can be anything from food to clothes to books to toys but it is done from a fixed location - usually a shop.

  • What is the meaning and importance of retailing?

Retailing is extremely important to everyone because without retailers we would not have access to everyday products that we need. Our lives would be very different if we could not 'pop to the shop' and buy virtually anything we could want.

Retail has changed our lives and changed the way we live. We are an extremely materialistic society and this is partly due to retail. The clever advertising and marketing done by retailers has created a world of people who feel as though they need to have everything and buy goods to lead a happy and fulfilling life. The fact that we can have virtually anything within minutes also emphasizes and encourages are materialism.

  • What are the functions of retailers?

The main function of a retailer is to buy goods and sell them on to customers. Goods will be bought in bulk and sold at a profit. The retailer has to ensure that the goods they are buying are desirable to the customers or in demand. Another challenge that retailers face is buying the correct quantities so they do not have too little or too much of the product.

They have to make sure that they do not have too much competition with a particular product and also that they charge a reasonable amount. If they charge too much they will not get any customers and if they charge too little they will only make a small profit.
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Retailers have possessed an important place in the field of business. The retailers stay as extremely helpful and as the last connection in the channel of production and distribution. Retailers can help small organizations by performing a wide variety of marketing services, from promoting products directly to customers to giving customers a chance to view and test products.

Function of Retailers

Retail brands typically serve three important marketing functions

First, every retail brand has an image.

Second, retail brands help consumers process information.

Finally, retail brands offer security to buyers.

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Retailing is a set of business activities which aims to provide values to the products and the services demanded by the consumers.

Importance and functions- break off the bulk(buying in the quantities you want),holding of inventory(buying at a convenient place),consumer can check the goods before buying,providing other assortments (buying other products at the same time)

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Retailers sell the product that manufacturers make.  Sometimes there are wholesalers that fulfil that function and sometimes they are in direct competition with the retailers.  But retailers, the folks who have shops and stores do most of the selling of the products to the end users, the customers.  Often wholesalers deal in such large quantities (that's how they keep the cost down) that they are not the ones selling to the end users, but perhaps to the retailers.  Not always this way, but often.  Retailers sell at a cost that insures they make some profit - that's why they have the pretty stores and wholesalers have the warehouses.  That's a simplification, but pretty accurate nonetheless.

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