What Are Cute And Easy Ways To Write In Cursive?


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There is no specific answer for that question, but, you should ask for specific letters for example  b you curl up, make a loop, come back down, go half way up then lastly make a line to the right. Cursive is just technically curves to form letters.
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You might want to consider writing cursive the same way a child would learn. In case you have "forgotten" how to write in cursive, simply look up some cursive writing and practice, practice, practice.

You might want to invest in a child's cursive writing book and practice with it until you are comfortable. Remember that there is no 'correct way' in which you should form the letters. Just work out a technique you are comfortable with. Another trick you might consider is copying a paragraph in cursive or practicing with just a few letters strung together. For instance you could start with 'hijk' and try variations on that: Repeating the letters, forming lines, sentences and paragraphs using just those four letters.

If you want to stick to the book and see how you are 'supposed' to form the letters you could visit www.rocksforkids.com/FabFours/handwriting.htm#Letters.
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You will need to get a cursive alphabet key code and also an example book on how the letters connect.  By studying the arrow directions of each stroke, usually with practice, the ease of writing in cursive develops with repeat practice done often


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Don't write in cursive

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