Why Did The Highland Clearances Happen In Scotland?


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The Highland Clearances were the the forced displacement of the population of the Scottish Highlands. An ancient way of life disappeared for ever in some areas of the highlands. There was no real legal protection for people 'cleared from the estates to make way for land'improvements 'and sheep.
The enclosures system had played a role in depopulating rural areas in England and the Agricultural Revolution had a large role to play.
The Clearances are thought to have been started by Admiral John Ross of Balnagowan Castle in Scotland in 1762. Others such as MacLeod of Dunvegan in Skye, had done some experimental work on Skye in 1732.
Stafford's first Commissioner, William Young, arrived in 1809, and soon engaged Patrick Sellar as his factor who pressed ahead with the process while acquiring sheep farming estates for himself.The Duchess of Sutherland was one of the most notorious suppoters of evictions and forced emigration. The bad feeling towards the Clearances still lingers strong in Sotland today.

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