How Do I Get My Play Published?


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If you are interested in getting your play published in book form (which is what I assume your question is about) then your best bet is to make a name for yourself by having your plays put on as productions first.

Publishing a book is an expensive process, and no-one will agree to publish your play unless they are confident they will get a return on their investment.

How to get a play published So you've written an amazing play, and you want to share it with the whole world. Getting it printed and selling it sounds like a good idea (and a potentially profitable one too), but you'll probably hit a few stumbling blocks along the way.

Here's a quick guide that might help you to get your play on the shelves of bookshops around the world.

The world of publishing

The world of publishing is a bit like a minefield, and you really need an agent to guide you through it.

However, publishers tend to only be interested in playwrights who have a good track record, even if the writer does have an agent.

Getting a good track record means having your play produced by some well-known theater companies.

You can get started by submitting your work to playhouses or acting groups, although getting your play performed might be difficult at first.

My advice would be to do some research on the type of plays that different houses are looking for, as many of them go through thousands of submissions a year but only put on a handful of shows.

Above all else, networking and getting to know people is the most vital thing to do.

If you're interested in finding out more, I'd really recommend this:
Good luck!
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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, the first thing you should do is copyright your play.

Please take a look at this site 

Do not let anyone have your play until you do this first.
I know you are excited, but please slow down and take your time.

Get everything in order first; people will steal your material.  Yes, even friends!

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