How Did Martin Luther King Jr. Feel About Immigration?


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The writers at VDare hate Dr. King, and they hate the fact that you are doing a project about him.  They think you are being brainwashed:

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls VDare a hate group, like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis:

If you want to know what thoughtful, intelligent people think, go here:
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Again, the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes VDare as a hate group, like the Neo-Nazi's and the Klu Klux Klan. If you like those groups, keep reading VDare. If not, then read something else for your report. If one of my students came in to class with a report about Dr. King and cited VDare, I'd call a meeting with his/her parents, because unless you're the kid from American History X, you don't realize what you're getting yourself into.
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Well, this site here details the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. Did not take any stance of any kind on the immigration act of 1965, which effectively opened the door wide open for foreign immigrants to come into the USA and cause a lot of problems economically for African-Americans in the US.
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Wow, can't let this one go...even if you answered 2 years ago!

The site you are referencing is a racist site. Plain and simple. It calls our President a "half breed" and uses a quote stating that Jews are"Disproportionately Involved In Every Kind If Insanity” (like all racists, he shows his ignorance, typing an "if" instead of an "of").

If the question came from a student trying to get information for a paper, I only hope this horrid display of intolerance was an education in and of itself.

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