What Is The Definition Of Sons Of Liberty?


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Definition: Secret organization of American colonists formed initially to protest the Stamp Act. The idea found success in many colonies, after the initial organizations in Boston and New York. After the Stamp Act was repealed a year after it was passed, the Sons of Liberty disbanded. But the patriotic spirit and the name remained. Groups of men, such as the ones who dumped the tea into Boston Harbor, were called sons of liberty.
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The "Sons of Liberty" were a secret organization that was made of American Patriots that came from the Thirteen Colonies before the start of the American Revolution. The British at the time considered them a group of rebels of sorts and gave them the names of "Sons of Violence" and "Sons of Iniquity."

You can find more information about the Sons of Liberty here.
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The term "Sons of Liberty" is generally referred to a group of people who organized a secret organization in Thirteen British colonies before the American Revolution. They are also known as "Sons of Violence". This name was given to them by the loyalists of the British Rule.
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