How Do I Remove A Dr10 From My Driving Licence?


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if you have a dr10 like me then you already know what its like and how much of a nightmare it can be

I got mine from one stupid moment

the crazy thing is I did,nt even drive

the police arrested me because I had my keys in the ignition and the engine turn,ed on but I had not gone anywhere

they were observing me from a distance and belived I was about to drive

truth is I had an argument with my then partner the bitch

she went off in a huff and I went to the car

not to go anywhere but just somewhere to go and sleep and get warm

then I would have gone home the following morning


Would they listen no!!! Did they care no!!!!

I was just fair game and brownie points for them

anyhow I drive professionally for a living and I have had a nightmare trying to get work ever since

this is why I have been trying to get mine removed

bloody 11 yrs it stays on your license for

it may as well be a prison sentence if you drive for a living

I belive they should have a sliding scale for the servrity of the crime

obviously if you drive well then 5 yrs on your license is fair enough

if you drive and hurt someone then 11yrs is fair enough

if you drive and kill someone well they should preminantly remove your license for life and jail time of course

I agree to a certain degree with the law

but I do feel sometimes the law doesn,t take into account the full facts and its a case of one size fits all.

I have heard you can make an application to the courts for it to be removed be the odds of that happening are a million to one

bascically my frenid if you got a dr10 like me then your knackered!!!!

11yrs you got it for  get used to it because it ain,t going anywhere

I,ve done 7yrs and no motoring convicitions since

another 4 yrs to go and its gone

biggest mistake I,ve ever made

biggest mistake you,ll ever make

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